Hi, I'm Lindsay, and I'm the person behind the camera of LUU Photography. "LUU" is a nick name I've had since high school. The reason I spell it that way is because my last name is Watt. The 'double you' is a pun with a double meaning.

I live in Elkins, Arkansas, a small farm town right next door to Fayetteville. I run my photography business out of my home, whom I share with my husband and 2 dogs, a cat, and several chickens.

Photography has been a significant part of my life for the past 18 years, and yet is a field that continues to hold new beginnings for me. I try to have fun and help you do the same. You can force a grin for a picture all day long, but a genuine smile is what I strive for. Whether I bribe you with candy, torture you with my singing/dancing, or get my fluffy dogs to bombard you with kisses, I do whatever I can to get the shot.